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Attracting attention: It’s about what you say AND how you say it

So you walk into this lovely little cake shop and you start drooling over the sumptuous selection of cute little cherry bakewells, almond slices and other Mr Kipling rip-off delights…

You saunter over to one lil cake stand and take in the aroma of marzipanny deliciousness with a cherry on top.

Mmmm, cherry bakewell!

The seller catches the look on your face and gives you a knowing wink.

“These are really fab,” the girl says. “You won’t get any of that dryness you tend to get in the pastry of most cherry bakewells.”

You ponder some more, meandering over to another cake stand with what appear to be the same cherry bakewells on display.

A different girl this time… “Uh yeah so… buy one if you want one.”

Who would you buy from?

The online gaming industry has quickly become a saturated marketplace and everyone is offering pretty much the same thing.

Do you stand out from the crowd?

So how do you put yourself out there, right in front of your target market? How do you make yourself stand out above the rest? How do you get them to choose you over the thousands of other online gaming sites out there?

What makes you so special?

My lil cake shop example above demonstrates the often overlooked importance of effective communication if your aim is to trawl in those members… and KEEP them paying and playing with you!

It’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you say it too.

For example, try saying the following sentence without any kind of snidey tone in your voice…

‘What are YOU looking at?’

Pretty tough, right? Take the caps off the word ‘you’ and you’ve got a pretty harmless and neutral toned sentence.

That one word made all the difference.

Can you see how important it is to get every single word of your member communications right? Even if you think your brand’s the best and no further explanation is needed?

Your casino software could be the best out there but if you’re not telling your members about it effectively enough, you might as well be telling them to beat it.

Bye bye money!

Remember, people HAVE and WILL spite themselves by turning down the best just on principle. If they feel offended or insulted in any way by your emails, web pages or whatever else, you’ve lost them. They sure as hell won’t stick around for more.

Get the tone of voice of your copy wrong and you might as well hand those potential members over to your competitors on a silver plate.

Don’t get cocky. If you tell potential new members that you’re the best and you’re all that, like you’re doing THEM a favour just by being around, they’ll be off.

Besides, haven’t we had enough of every Tom, Dick and Harry in the gaming industry claiming to be the best online casino/poker/bingo site ever?

Keep it here and you’ll learn a variety of ways to reach (and win over!) your potential and current members without having to resort to blatant lies, puffed up over-exaggerated claims, or corporate robot-talk syndrome. ;)

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