So how does it all work? Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions right here.

What kind of stuff do you write?

Over the years I’ve written everything you could possibly imagine for the online gambling industry, from typical emails, promo pages, banners and game descriptions to affiliate reviews, sms messages, social media and blog posts. And that’s just the online stuff! I’ve also written magazine articles, awards applications, beer mats, posters, direct mail and even Christmas cards. Browse through my Portfolio for more.

What are your turnaround times like?

If there’s one thing my clients rave about more than my economical prices it’s my extremely fast turnaround times WITHOUT compromising on quality. I’ve been in the industry a long time so I’m familiar with how it all works, from Black Friday (NOT the shopping free-for-all!) to rake, churn to GDPR, Welcome Bonuses to CRM, volatility to RTP, and everything in between. That means less time spent on research and more time spent constructing effective persuasive copy for you. It’s quite common for my clients to receive their copy on the same day they request it.

Can I just request a one-off piece?

You certainly can. I offer my clients a flexible, no-obligation service, giving you the freedom to request as much or as little as you like. Some of my clients make lots of small requests on a regular basis, while others request full promotion copy every few months or so. Online gambling business needs change with the seasons, so my copywriting service is designed to be flexible to cater for these fluctuations. That means more quality and less cost for you.

Can I hire you for our product launch?

Yes you can. Product launches often require a lot of work to be completed in a very short time. It’s often necessary to bring in additional copywriters to cope with the workload. With years of industry experience, detailed product knowledge and familiarity with marketing teams and their tools, I can integrate seamlessly into existing teams and hit the ground running to help drive production forward swiftly, efficiently and effectively.

I need a whole website written. Do you do that?

I do indeed. I have written copy for entire websites in the past with great results, helping online gambling businesses project the best of their offering in such a way that speaks directly to their target audience. Take a look at the Websites section of my Portfolio for some examples.

What tools do you use/have you used?

I’m familiar with all the commonly used office software, such as MS Office Suite, Google Suite and Open Office. I’m also familiar with collaborative online workspaces such as Slack and Asana, and I have experience of various CMS and publishing tools such as WordPress and Dreamweaver. I have basic HTML knowledge, experience of working with email marketing tools such as Silverpop, skills in manipulating population data in Excel and Access, and the ability to analyse metrics using tools such as Google Analytics. I also have a variety of VPNs at my disposal, allowing me to access sites in various countries that may not otherwise be accessible. For client communications I tend to use Gmail the most but I also use LinkedIn messaging and Skype. Typically I’ll create copy in Google Docs format and share the document with the client, sending them the link and communicating via Gmail.

What are the advantages of hiring you over a full time employee?

One of the biggest benefits is flexibility. Because I work remotely, I can adapt to the needs of your business, regardless of office hours where you are or where I am. Even with time zone differences, email communication means neither your workflow nor mine need be interrupted, meaning greater efficiency for both of us. There’s no need to provide me with an office, equipment, sick pay, holiday pay or any other employee benefits, saving you a lot of expense. And since my income depends on the work I provide for you, I have a vested interest in your business, which serves as a guarantee that you will only ever get my best work – it’s in my best interest to make sure you succeed, because if you don’t, I’m out of a job! Having said that, my clients tend to stay with me for years thanks to my reliability, flexibility and dedication, my rich industry experience and the quality of my work. However, it needn’t be an and/or situation. I’m quite happy to be your backup copywriter for overflow work or to cover employee absence if need be.

I’m a bit unsure of the whole ‘remote working’ thing. Can you put my mind at ease?

I understand. You’re used to having people working in the office where you can oversee the process and step in whenever the need arises. However, as you’re no doubt aware, remote working is where we’re all heading, and the COVID-19 incident proved how well it can actually work. The best people management strategy often involves stepping back and letting people do what they do best, in whatever way they do it best. When creatives are free to create, you are guaranteed to get their best work. Working remotely allows me to skip the office politics, chit-chat, unnecessary meetings, and distractions that suck up a surprising amount of a typical 9-5 workday, and zone right in to the task at hand. This leads to skyrocketing productivity, increased work quality and better results for you, the client. And because I’ve already been doing this for years, I’m well over the honeymoon period of working in my jammies (which I don’t btw!), struggling with home-based distractions (such as laptop cat!), and fighting procrastination that many newbie #WFHers experience. Need more? Re-read the last FAQ! 😉

How do you charge?

I charge for my work on an hourly basis, broken down into 15-minute increments. I keep a record of the time spent on requested tasks, which can be itemised according to requester if necessary, that I then submit to the client along with an invoice on a monthly basis. I generally give 14 days for payments to be made, which can be by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Skrill. You can see details of my current rate, why I charge hourly and estimated production times for commonly requested pieces on my Pricing page.