3 of the biggest misconceptions about copywriting

In this post I’m gonna try and cover the 3 most common misconceptions about what really makes good copy.

‘Product knowledge equals communication power’

One of the biggest issues I face as a copywriter, and one which I know many of my copywriting friends also suffer from, is clients who think they know how to communicate the details of their product to their members simply because they know their product inside out.

Now, while my clients may well know their product/service inside out, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to communicate it EFFECTIVELY to their members.

As the client, you know what’s great about your product cos you’re involved with it every day. But can you put yoursef in the shoes of someone who knows nothing about your product and sell it to them in a handful of words, in a way that they will not only understand, but also become passionately motivated by?

Sorry to break this to you people, but there is no correlation between copy effectiveness and depth of product knowledge!

‘It’s all about good grammar’

Another common misconception about good copy is that it must be grammatically correct.


Let me ask you a question… When was the last time you spoke to someone who speaks the Queen’s English?


One of the best ways to break through that defiant ‘you’re not gonna sell to me’ front is to be personable. Talk to prospective members like they’re people cos guess what? They ARE people! And so are we!

Where am I going with this?

Effective copy is written the way people speak.

Think about the last time you told one of your friends about some great new place you visited and think they should check out too. You wouldn’t suddenly switch to robotic, perfectly formed Queen’s English, would you?

So why does it still exist in member communications?

Let’s try to relate to our members on a more human level with language that reflects how we really speak to each other.

NO – ‘Receive a 100% up to €400 bonus to play slots’

YES – ‘Grab this 100% up to €400 bonus and have a spin!’

NO – ‘We think you will like this’

YES – ‘You’re gonna love it!’ (yes, ‘gonna’)

‘It’s all about the details’

Another false impression of what makes good copy is that it should just stick to the details.

Think about this one. Were you ever sold on an item of food just by reading the ingredients list?

Imagine getting 2 emails about the upcoming WSOP or whatever…

One consists of just a list of package details, such as flights, accommodation, 2x seats in the WSOP main event, $500 spending money, whatever.

The other email starts off by picturing the scene: the excited flashing lights of the Vegas strip, the building chatter as players start taking their seats as the biggest poker series in the world gets underway, chips start clicking together, cards are flipped and quietly eyed, faces set and actions muted…

And suddenly it’s not about the details anymore. You just wanna be there, feeling all that for real! And the email gives you the way to get there.

People buy for emotional reasons. Get your members on an emotional level – make them FEEL your product or service – and they’re yours.

Ok well that’s your lot for now. Bookmark this page for 1-click-away insights into effective copy.

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