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Effective copy is all in the mind

People buy for emotional reasons, backed up by logic

It’s all in the mind.

When talking to your poker population, for example, you have to put yourself in their shoes.

Do you know who your typical poker player is? What drives them? What their day to day life is like?

Why they play poker?

In general, there are many reasons people play poker. For some it’s just a fun way to relax after a hard day’s work.

For others, it’s a way to make a bit of extra money on the side to supplement their income.

And for yet others, it’s all about the psychological challenge, the thrill of the game against an unseen opponent, see who emerges the better player…

There are of course plenty of other reasons people play poker, but it’s the copywriter’s job to find out what kind of poker player the communication is aimed at.

Why? Because the most effective way to communicate with your target market is to get inside their head and find out what makes them tick.

Talk to them in their language, relate to them in terms of how playing poker makes them feel, whether it’s the escapism, the extra income, the challenge… whatever it is, talk in those terms, from that point of view.

In your communications, stir up those feelings they get when they play. For example, the way the casual poker player feels when he plays is gonna be vastly different to how the serious poker player earning a decent side income from his game feels when he plays.

Remind them why they play and that they can experience those same feelings at your poker site.

Get on the same level as your poker player and you’re another step closer to keeping them.

It’s not your product you’re trying to sell here. And this is the mistake so many gaming companies today make.

What you’re selling is an intangible emotional and psychological state of being.

And you can’t sell that through reasoning and logic.

A skilled copywriter knows how to make that psychological connection through the power of the right words at the right time.

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