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The Dos and Don’ts of social marketing

Nailing social media

Social Marketing.

Surprisingly, many companies are still poking it with a stick, scared about what exactly they should do with it.

Even worse, many more are just using it like it’s just another marketing channel.

So today I’m going to talk about optimal use of social marketing platforms – and in particular, Facebook – what you should and shouldn’t be doing…

– DON’T think it’s just another marketing channel

The magical thing about Facebook is it’s a place where people come together and talk very openly about pretty much anything so it’s very easy to target the kind of people you’re hoping to attract to your brand simply by posting things on a similar topic.

The biggest mistake you could possibly make with FB is to treat it like any other marketing channel.

For your own good, don’t post some marketing rubbish about how you’ve just released a great new version of your casino and you should come and download it NOW! Do you think that’s what people talk about on FB?

Is that what you go looking for when you go on FB? Most likely not.

– DO post interesting stuff

Join in with your target market on FB. Post about stuff they’re interested in. Get into conversations with them and chat about things.

The more you connect with these people on FB, the more they will lower their guard, which is automatically up when they’re met with typical marketing materials. Once their guard is lowered a bit and they can relate to you as a real person, they’re more likely to check out your brand and what you’re all about of their own accord.

– DON’T sound corporate

You’ll find people on FB chat with each other like they would on the street. It’s very colloquial and informal.

So posting in a corporate tone of voice is just going to get you ignored. People are not interested in responding to or even reading your business bumf on FB. They’re there to have fun, socialise and get lost in a bit of Facebook stalking!

– DO remember you’re a real person!

The best thing you can do for brand awareness using the FB platform is remember you’re a real person and people relate to other people.

People cannot relate to the corporate voice so don’t use it.

Use your own voice. Type your posts the way you would say things, in your own voice, with your own personal nuances.

Once people realise you’re a real person just like they are, they’re much more likely to lower their defences a bit and engage with you.

If you find something funny on FB, share it with your members! Why wouldn’t they appreciate it?

– DON’T get caught up in flame wars

Not everyone out there is going to be nice. There are some people out there on FB that will try to cause trouble on your page.

Resist the temptation to give it right back to these individuals. Everyone knows what a trouble maker looks like. Just ignore them and they’ll look elsewhere for their kicks.

– DO address any issues right there and asap

FB is perfect for showing your members how quickly and efficiently you deal with issues.

So if one of your members posts with a complaint about something, make sure you handle it quickly and politely, but also make sure you do it publicly, so everyone can see you care about your members.

It’s another way of building confidence, but in a more indirect way.

Remember, places like Facebook are absolute gold mines if you just approach them properly.

If you start off your FB presence with a business spiel, you will fail.

Use FB the way it was meant to be used – for socialising. Get to know your members, have a laugh with them, connect with them on a personal level, be one of them.

If you put in the time with them and be genuine about it, they will be more likely to trust you and your brand of their own accord.

That’s all for now. More soon. ;)

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