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The power of a negative review

Learn how bad can also be good

Continuing on the subject of affiliate reviews, I’m going to talk a little about why it’s just as important, if not more so, to have negative reviews on your site in addition to the positive ones and why your online gaming review site should not consist only of positive reviews.

Too many online gaming affiliates make the mistake of thinking that if they just stick up a site with tons of casino articles all boasting glowing reviews, they’ll stuff their pockets with a waterfall of commissions.

This goes back to a common theme of mine: we’re talking to real people here!

Your reviews are aimed at real people, right? These people are likely to be looking for a decent casino to play at. Imagine they stumble upon one of these ‘all positive’ sites, take their advice and sign up and deposit at some online casino, then discover they’re nothing but scam merchants with a terrible reputation! Not good huh? But that’s gonna have a knock-on effect on the site that recommended that casino in the first place!

And the last thing you need as an affiliate is a bad reputation. People talk, sites get slagged, etc. It’s far easier to have a good reputation to start with and build on that, than to try and put out a flame-fest that’s already all over the net!

So here’s an effective approach to help boost your reputation AND your commissions.

Review bad online casinos too.

Now you might regard this as a waste of time and/or money but think about it logically for a minute…

If readers come across a negative review on your site, they are more likely to respect your honesty and take your positive reviews way more seriously.

Just because you’ve put up some negative reviews on your site doesn’t mean you have to link to them! Just stick your affiliate links on the good ones and be sure to make it clear that you do not recommend the ones you’re classing as bad!


After all, how believable do you really expect the contents of your affiliate site to be if all you do is post one after another of all positive reviews?

This is the perfect example of where honesty will pay off for you as it gives your readers a heads-up on the dodgy casinos out there and gives far more weight to your positive reviews, resulting in more chance of sign-ups on the ones you do actually recommend!

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