The Free World Charter

An organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life of all the world’s inhabitants

The Free World Charter is an organisation that’s dedicated to raising the quality of life of all the world’s inhabitants.

The Charter itself is a set of 10 guiding principles that describes a better world and how it would operate.

One of the basic ideas underpinning this better world is that there would be no money, thus eliminating the root cause of many of today’s issues, such as poverty, inequality, injustice and environmental destruction.

The aim of the site itself is simply to share this idea and encourage as many people as possible to learn more and sign the Charter to indicate their agreement with its principles, so that at some point enough people will agree where a tipping point is reached and it will become a reality.

I created many pieces of copy for this organisation (and still do on occasion)…

Landing Page

The site encourages people who agree with the 10 guiding principles to sign the Charter. Previously, doing so would lead them to little more than a thank you page with share to social media links. Knowing that landing pages of this nature hold a lot of potential value for spurring additional activity, I created an improved version…

Improved landing page promoting additional activities and related products | See live page

This was the perfect opportunity to introduce some additional ways people could get involved, such as joining the free sharing site Freeworlder, becoming a Freeworlder Patron, downloading the free ebook Into The Open Economy that discusses how a free world would work, and buying the novel F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man that dramatises a possible transition to a money-free world.

The result of this improved landing page was an increase in activity at, donations, downloads of the free ebook, purchases of the F-Day novel and social media shares.

Appeal Email

An appeal email sent to Free World Charter signatories | See full email

When I first got involved with The Free World Charter, I noticed that there was very little communication with signatories, ie. people who had signed the Charter. With the overall goal of increasing funding and people’s awareness of the organisation, more regular email communication was one of the first areas for improvement I identified.

I crafted this particular email in an effort to highlight the importance of the organisation and its mission, and draw attention to some very simple ways people could contribute.

Tying the whole email into the theme of ‘skipping coffee to save the world’ helps readers to realise that something as mammoth as ‘saving the world’ needn’t be an impossible task that’s out of the reach of everyday people, but could simply be something of minimal monetary value such as skipping your coffee for the day.

The major objection that had to be overcome with this piece was the irony of asking for monetary donations to an organisation that ultimately wants to rid the world of money.

To combat this, I made a point of highlighting the various things in life that get the spotlight just by pumping in money, even those things that perhaps don’t deserve to receive such attention.

In this way I was able to draw attention to the fact that it’s normal, everyday people who have the power to decide what’s important by how they choose to spend their money, alluding to the possibility that perhaps an organisation like The Free World Charter is a more meaningful and positive thing to spend money on.

The piece was well received, generating a boost in activity and donations, which led to it being translated and emailed to several countries around the world.


A flyer created to raise awareness of The Free World Charter

I thought creating a simple leaflet introducing the concept of a world without money would be an effective tool, especially given the knee-jerk reaction that such an idea is absurd.

Something like this is easy to print and distribute as it’s just one sheet of A4 printed on both sides, but it’s also laid out in a very clean and simple way, with the Q&A style format designed to address the most common objections.

I made a point of having the questions and answers progress from highlighting today’s problems with money as their root cause to describing The Free World Charter’s solution of a world without money, but it was also important to address common criticisms with the aim of leaving people seriously considering this as a real solution to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The leaflet was, and continues to be, a success, with photos of their placement in various locations offline, as well as online versions, shared widely across social media.

Facebook Meme

A thought-provoking social media meme for The Free World Charter

Promotion on social media is key for all organisations and this is one of many meme style posts I created to raise awareness of and support for The Free World Charter.

Everyone knows this game. Everyone is also very well aware of how this game typically ends! I used the game to make a connection between its cut-throat nature and that of our current economic system, but it was also the perfect vehicle for highlighting the fact that if there are no players, there is no game.

Using Monopoly as an analogy created the possibility for people to think of our economic system in an entirely new light, both in terms of the damage it causes, and the idea that we are actually participants in it if we choose to be.

This particular meme generated a lot of interest and discussion, attracted many new supporters, and is still widely shared on social media.

These are just a few pieces I created for The Free World Charter. You can view many others in the Economics/Society category of my Portfolio or by selecting a medium through which you can browse. Just look for Free World Charter in either case.

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