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Changing the face of… your face!

What does your brand’s face say?

People do not trust ‘brands’.

Not initially anyway.

And plastering your gaming company’s name right in peoples’ faces with a ‘makes you sick’ politeness and ‘totally not human’ style is just gonna push them away.

I’m talking about all your communications, whether that be promotional emails, web pages, landing pages, pop ups, text messages, letters in the mail, FB posts, Google adwords ads, whatever.

In this industry, you don’t win new members by putting a polite face on it.

In a morbidly depressing economy, with bad news on almost every channel, budget cuts, miserable weather and everyone just in a damn mood because of it all, people NEED somewhere to escape to, where everything ISN’T so miserable and depressing, where they can kick back and chill for at least a little while.

Do you think that the formal, robotic, emotionless tone of your communications implies that your gaming company is where they should go to chill?

Unsurprisingly, many, many online gaming companies just don’t think about how important their communications – and HOW they’re done – actually are.

Let’s face it. Take a handful (or several!) of online gaming companies out there and do a quick comparison of their offerings. There’s really not much in it these days.

So what makes the difference then?

It’s this: it’s all in how you make potential new members FEEL!

There is a ton of psychology behind this and how using certain words can invoke certain responses, etc. etc. It’s fascinating really! Well, it is to me anyway… :s

The point is, if you want potential new members, or even your current ones, to turn firstly to you as their numero uno chillax zone, you’ve gotta make sure you’re talking in their terms.

Let me simplify it even more. Not that I think you’re stupid, I just wanna make this absolutely clear…

If you walk about with your face like a smacked bottom, no-one’s gonna want to talk to you, are they?

But if you put a smile on your face, everyone will feel that great vibe and want to spend more time around it!

Give your members a reason to stick around at your online casino, poker room, bingo site or sports book. Make them feel welcome, relaxed, wanted, comfy, whatever, and make sure it’s reflected in every piece of member communication you send out.

Change your communications, change your face! :)