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Forget features, it’s benefits that sell!

Write in terms of benefits to reach your readers

Features v Benefits.

It might not sound like much, or like there’s much in it, but really, when it comes to writing effective copy, you have to be absolutely clear on the difference between the two.

For example…

You’ve just released a new version of your online casino software. You think it’s pretty awesome if you do say so yourself. I mean, look at this…

  • HD graphics
  • Digital surround sound
  • Widescreen
  • Custom lobby
  • Multiplay options
  • Tabbed layout

…and so on.

So you send a brief through to your ever-ready marketing team with the instruction to just stick that list in an email and fire it out to the members – they’re gonna love it!

Right? Erm no.

The problem with those bullet points is there is absolutely no benefit referred to whatsoever.

You don’t want your members to have to decipher your marketing messages and translate your intra-company jargon… cos trust me, they won’t!

Write in language your members will get!

Make sure your email is in a language that your members understand and can relate to.

So the above bullet points are the FEATURES of the new casino software release. What you need to do is tell the members what that means for them… ie. turn those features into BENEFITS to the reader.

A more effective way of describing your features might be as follows…

  • Crystal clear gameplay – with top notch HD quality graphics
  • Hear the sounds of a real casino! – with digital surround sound
  • See more of the action – with widescreen
  • Design your own lobby – with customisable options
  • Play them all at once! – with multiplay games
  • Easy to find your favourites – with tabbed layout

These bullets are longer (but the bolding helps break it up) but they will be much more effective than the first set of bullets cos they talk in terms that a member can understand and relate to.

Think about what THEY want out of their casino software, not what YOU THINK they should want.

Take a feature and think about how it benefits the member. Then communicate those benefits to the member.

You’ll reach more of your members and inspire them to love your new casino software as much as you do.

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