SBTech, award-winning provider of sports betting and iGaming solutions

Established in 2007, SBTech offers a variety of sports betting and online gaming solutions to over 50 partners worldwide. They are also part of the Nasdaq listed DraftKings company based in the US. In the 10+ years they have been operating, they have managed to enter over 20 regulated markets and have accrued an impressive collection of industry awards (the 2014 and 2015 eGR Awards for which I wrote the applications). I was hired by SBTech to write a huge number of marketing materials for both B2C and B2B, covering casino gaming and sports betting.

SBTech B2C: Google Ads

Google ads for one of SBTech’s sports betting brands, RealDealBet, which featured boxing legend Evander Holyfield (click to view larger version)

Of the many B2C marketing materials I produced, the extremely space limited Google Ads were some of the most challenging. Creating something that will appeal to sports bettors that also includes the promotional details in such a short amount of text is not an easy task! However, not one to shy away from these challenges, I came up with the goods and new signups increased as a result.

SBTech B2C: Beer Mat and Poster

A beer mat and poster promoting SBTech sports betting brand 10Bet’s mobile betting app (click to view entire document)

In addition to writing various online marketing materials, I have also produced many offline pieces, including this beer mat and corresponding poster promoting SBTech sports betting brand 10Bet’s mobile betting application. These pieces are great for a bit of wordplay, which often attracts attention and triggers conversation in public places such as bars and, as I quite often do, I offered a few different options for the beer mat copy.

SBTech B2C: Betrally Casino tutorial

A tutorial guiding players through the navigation of the Betrally Casino section of the website (click to view entire document)

I was tasked with creating a tutorial for one of SBTech’s casino brands, Betrally Casino, to help players navigate around the casino section of the Betrally website. Skilled at producing copy with the necessary clarity, and drawing on my ability to empathise with the target audience, in this case, new members, I was able to create this guide, complete with screenshots every step of the way.

SBTech B2B: Emails

A B2B marketing email created to attract interest in SBTech’s sports betting solutions (click to view entire document)

On the B2B side, I created a huge number of marketing materials for SBTech, including this email. Condensing the most attractive features of a sports betting platform into such a sport space and making it appealing to existing gaming operators, many of whom have limited sports knowledge, was the goal here. Again, my empathetic nature helped me to pin-point the concerns of the target audience and talk to them in a way that really reaches them.

SBTech B2B: Magazine Articles

A Sports Betting Report feature by SBTech, written for eGR Magazine (click to view entire document)

Leading by example was the purpose of this piece produced for eGR Magazine’s Sports Betting Report feature, which highlighted a few of SBTech’s success stories as part of an analysis on the sports betting industry’s progression. Every piece is an opportunity for product placement and promotion and this was an excellent one, of which I took full advantage.

SBTech B2B: Press Releases

A press release created for SBTech announcing their acquisition of UK based sports betting operator Globet (click to view entire document)

I have written many press releases over the years, a sizeable chunk of which were for SBTech. This one announced the acquisition by SBTech of UK based sports betting operator Globet, which enabled the brand to expand their offering and allowed further penetration of the UK market by SBTech. There are multiple issues to bear in mind with press releases, including the succinctness and clarity of the release to publishers, and the appeal of the subject matter to readers. Not to mention the fact that you’re also trying to promote the company itself! My press releases have a reputation for leading to media exposure for the featured company and this one was no different.

These are just a few of the many B2C and B2B materials I have written for the online gambling industry. You can view more in my Portfolio.

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