PokerSnowie, an artificial intelligence based poker training tool

PokerSnowie is a fascinating piece of software that’s been developed using artificial intelligence to teach people how to play better poker. Designed by the same people who developed the backgammon training tool BackgammonSnowie, PokerSnowie was one of the first tools to combine neural net based artificial intelligence with the complex rules of poker. And the results were impressive, with many seasoned professional poker players amazed that this tool found leaks in their own game and proved challenging to beat!

PokerSnowie website

The PokerSnowie website | See live site

I wrote a substantial amount of the copy for the PokerSnowie website, which ranged from typical home page and banner copy to more technical text for the online manual. This required developing a deep understanding of the poker training tool itself, a job which was much easier given my previous experience in poker copywriting.

PokerSnowie Blog

The PokerSnowie Blog | See live site

I was also tasked with writing various blog posts to keep members engaged. This involved anything from developing introductory posts for a video, discussing new update features, analysing specific aspects of the game or the training software itself, to occasionally just light proofing and editing. Attention to these blog posts would often be drawn using emails, which I also wrote.

PokerSnowie on Social Media

Facebook and Twitter sharing text for the start and end of the PokerSnowie Quiz

Developing posts for social media was another of my responsibilities. This is an example of copy that was required to encourage participants of PokerSnowie’s Quiz to share on Facebook and Twitter, as part of a promotion to increase traffic at the site.

I have written a variety of copy pieces for online poker, as well as the online gambling industry in general. You can view more by browsing through my Portfolio.

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