Free World One

Free World One, a unique philanthropic organisation created to help make the world a better place

Free World One is a philanthropic organisation that creates, supports and funds projects that align with its goal of creating a world that is free, fair and accessible for all.

It’s funded and driven by investors, and is unique in that anyone can buy shares in the organisation and would then stand to benefit from the success of its projects. Funds generated by the organisation are reinvested into other projects, with profits distributed back to shareholders.

I created a number of promotional materials for this organisation, including website copy, emails, social media posts, press releases and Google ads.


Free World One website copy | View larger version | See live site

The creation of effective copy for the Free World One website involved overcoming a few hurdles, one of which was to try to portray what could be perceived as a confusing setup as simple and easy to understand.

Key to keeping it simple was whittling the concept right down to the very basics, with extremely short ‘what, why and how’ sections with no more than two very short paragraphs summarising each query. The copy also had to be compelling and persuasive, creating common ground right from the start. The very first paragraph is something very few people would argue but it also introduces the idea that they can get involved in making it happen, while the centre section highlights the obstacles and the solution, and the right section explains briefly how Free World One makes it all happen.

The Ignition section of the site is all about firing up an emotional response and encouraging action. Its focus is on presenting Free World One as a way to get involved and change the world, but at the same time positioning the organisation as a real investment opportunity, giving people the opportunity to do their bit and directly benefit from the cause’s success along the way.

Investor appeal email

Free World One investor appeal email | See full email

Sent to signatories of The Free World Charter, this email was designed to explain how Free World One was a positive step forward in efforts to effect change along the same lines, but using the money system to expedite those efforts.

The aim of the email was to present Free World One as a way of helping to change the world, but also benefiting from those efforts. Since the recipients had all expressed an interest in moving away from a world without money by the fact that they’d signed The Free World Charter, the message had to be clear and convincing.

The idea of potentially making some money while helping to change the world was a good angle for this purpose and appealed to a lot of recipients.

Press release

Free World One launch press release | View full version

Since I was also responsible for the PR of Free World One, I wrote a number of press releases about the launch and growth of the organisation, tying it into various current events as a way to appeal to the media.

Facebook sponsored posts

As part of efforts to raise awareness of Free World One, I created these two Facebook sponsored posts targeting similar people, groups, pages and organisations, posted by The Free World Charter Facebook page.

A simple ‘problem, solution, benefit’ formula was used to structure these short posts, with one slightly more negative than the other, which allowed targeting of different personality types for optimal results.

Google Ad

Free World One Google advert

A similar effort was carried out using Google Ads (previously Google Adwords), in which the target market was those who searched for keywords and phrases such as ‘change the world’.

The promotional pieces I created for this project led to Free World One completing its first phase of fundraising to reach €45,000 within weeks.

To view the various other pieces I created for Free World One, visit the Charity/Non-Profit category of my Portfolio.

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