Felix Gaming

Felix Gaming, developer of player-driven slot games

Established in 2017, Felix Gaming is a developer of player-driven slot games. With specialists having previously developed some of the most successful land-based casino games, Felix Gaming started an online mission to create truly unique games that players actually want. Centred on player feedback during the development process, this developer creates each new game from scratch, rather than recycling existing game mechanics as is common in the industry. This results in a smaller portfolio of games, but a much more appealing experience for the players. Quality over quantity!


The Felix Gaming website (click to visit)

One of my first tasks for Felix Gaming was the development of their website copy. Their one page design was in need of some textual improvements, specifically regarding tying together the idea of the formation of their company and subsequent development of their games, and the popular John Lennon song, Imagine. The result is an eclectic mix of gaming and lyrics that serves well to highlight the over-arching aim of the company while showcasing its games. This was a particularly enjoyable project for me.

Hyper Jump game feature description

Juicy Wilds Hyper Jump feature in-game description (click to view larger size)
Book of Anunnaki Hyper Jump feature in-game description (click to view larger size)

A few of Felix Gaming’s slot games offer a unique Hyper Jump feature and I was tasked with creating an in-game description for it. Obviously there is very little space here so the copy had to be short yet still adequately explanatory and, of course, appealing.

Felix Gaming Interview for LCB.org

The Felix Gaming interview as featured on the LCB.org website (click to see live article)

With the exception of the LCB-created intro and the questions themselves, this Q&A style interview was another of my assigned tasks for Felix Gaming. Communication is crucial for companies looking to put their best foot forward so it was essential to create top-notch copy in this case. My focus was on what makes Felix Gaming unique: the fact that their games development process is driven by player feedback.


Felix Gaming St Patrick’s promo email (click to see entire document)
Felix Gaming Need for Spins promo email (click to see entire document)

I also created promotional emails for Felix Gaming whenever the need arose. Above are two examples: one for a St Patrick’s themed promotion to boost player activity, and the other to highlight the game Monaco Fever. In both cases, it was essential to think about what players look for in an exciting slot game experience, using language that stimulates and fires up the adrenalin. After all, players play games for emotional reasons, so it’s imperative that the promotional copy elicits an emotional response.

These are just a few of the many marketing materials I have written for the online gambling industry. You can view more in my Portfolio.

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